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Kite Surfing.Troy Navarro gives photographers a run for their money in the San Francisco By 1988.

Bookin' On The Bay

American Kite Magazine - Fall 1988

Kite Skier Troy Navarro is a Tough Man To Shoot!

Kite Skier Troy Navarro from Hawaii was pleased to have his story told in the last issue of American Kite, but wanted to know why his picture didn't make the final edit. Upon hearing that his photos weren't clear enough, he offered to give our photographers a demonstration on the San Francisco Bay.

Equipped with a 15-foot ski boat (driven by Dave Culp), 65 horses of power, and a 210mm zoom lens, we followed Navarro onto the bay confident we'd get the shot. But things were not so simple.

In the 58 degree water, Navarro slid his feet into the straps of his Skurfer and yelled to see if we were ready. When we were, he dropped his three ten-foot Flexifoils into power-generating figure eights and he and his board popped out of the water.

With open throttle, we raced to keep up. But he was out of good camera range in seconds. This happened not once but several times.

We understand Cory Roeseler of Kirkland, Washington is taking his skis and kites to England this fall to try to break the water speed record. Our only advice: take fast film.

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