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Build your own Wheels Of Doom kite skates.Build the Wheels Of Doom
Instructions taken from KiteLines Magazine and expanded to provide a complete guide for building your own in-line kite skates. Includes illustrations and FAQ.

Bob Childs says that kiteskates are faster than buggies.Childs Play
Bob Childs teases buggy riders over speed as he debuts his off-road in-line kite skates in American Kite Magazine 1994.

American Kite Magazine article of the Bonneville Buggy Enduro 1994.The Bonneville Buggy Enduro
The first long distance buggy race event in America. Staged at the Bonneville Speedway in the Great Salt Desert, the BBE was to determine official records in 7 categories.

A favorite moment kite skating in the desert.Desert Evening
Bob remembers a favorite moment kite skating with buggy buddies on El Mirage Dry Lake.

Kiteskates are featured in this Polish kitesurfing magazine.Doomwheels' Owisko - Polish
A Polish kite surfing magazine articles Bob Childs and the Wheels Of Doom kite skates. If you read Polish, perhaps you can send the translation.

Kite surfing articles section.

The early days of kite surfing.Kites Meet Waterskis 1988
Bob Childs and Troy Navarro experiment with kite surfing on skis and wakeboards in Texas. Using 10 ft Flexifoils, they discover a formula for fast fun.

Troy Navarro kite surfs across the San Francisco bay.Bookin in the Bay 1988
Troy Navarro gets wild in the San Francisco Bay for American Kite Mag's camera crew. Unfortunately, even Dave Culp's speed boat can't keep up with Troy and they were only able to take one photograph.

Did kitesurfing evolve from kiting or windsurfing... maybe both.Who Invented Kite Surfing?
Kite surfing is a new/old sport now entering it's peak popularity after 15 years. Bob Childs recalls the early days of kite surfing with Flexifoil stacks and Skurfer wakeboards.

Troy Navarro kite surfs across the San Francisco bay.Fox News Interview
Leave it to Fox News to botch up an opportunity to post a competent article about kite surfing. This reporter's hidden agenda was only to hype up the danger angle. Here are the actual comments I made in this interview - also a link to the actual FN article.

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