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Bob Childs - Biography.Bob Childs kite skating as illustrated by Scott Brooks.

Bob's love for Kiting began in 1985 when a friend bought a 10 foot power kite and urged him to follow suit. After learning to fly, he quickly caught the "kite bug", bought a large collection of sport kites, and joined the local kite club. Soon Bob became interested in competition, but didn't place well until he started designing kites of his own to "fly the way I wanted them to fly."

Bob's first kite design, the Wizard, became one of the original radical sport kites and changed his luck in competition. He competed for eight years designing new and innovative flying styles. Bob created several original trick maneuvers and manufactured over 15 models of dual line kites, most on the leading edge of kiting technology at their introduction. Bob's design company, It's A Breeze Kites, still releases top performing sport kite designs.

In 1993, Bob retired from competition to pursue demonstrating at national and international kite festivals. He later participated in the original indoor kite flying demonstrations at the Wildwood AKA convention, 1994.

A kite skater since its conception in 1990, Bob has been closely tied to kite traction sports. In 1993 Bob designed the Wheels Of Doom kite skates to join kite buggies on multi-terrain surfaces, and has been seen ripping up the desert dry lakes ever since. In 1994, Bob hosted the 1st American kite powered buggy races at the Bonneville Speedway... the Bonneville Buggy Enduro - a long distance, high speed race concept that lives on at popular buggy events in the UK and USA.

Currently Bob has returned his attention to one of the most thrilling aspects of kiting... kite surfing. Bob says, "As we experimented with this sport in the mid 80's, I never imagined that years later, due to the enthusiasm of a few passionate athletes, this amazing sport would be poised to take the world by storm. I am fortunate to have been in the position to see it happen."

Catch up with Bob at one of the many kite traction events he attends each year in the USA and Europe.

If you would like to know more about Bob's sport kite designs, check out It's A Breeze kites.

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