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Kite SkatingBob Childs Kite Skating at 11,000 feet in Brianhead Utah 1993.

Kite Skating is an extreme sport using powerful, controllable kites to propel riders of in-line skates, off-road skates or mountain boards at speeds up to 60 mph across parking lots, desert dry lakes, grassy fields, and sandy beaches.

Kite Skating originated around 1990 when sport kite enthusiasts began Kite Skating (then called Rollerkiting) at festivals along the eastern coast USA. In large parking lots, skaters used Rollerblades and four-line controllable parafoil kites to provided a fast and exciting ride.

That was just before the kite buggy explosion. When buggies took to the kite field, Kite Skating was left at the side lines. There were few attempts of utilizing off-road treadmill skates to join kite buggies on multi-terrain surfaces, but they proved to be awkward and not well suited for speed.

Separated by terrain, skaters and buggiers would remain divided until 1992 when Kite Skating pioneer Bob Childs built a pair of off-road in-line skates using Rollerblade boots and scooter wheels irreverently named the Wheels Of Doom. Bob has been observed ripping across the deck at kite traction events ever since.

Kite Skates were an unusual sight amongst buggies, but soon became an accepted member of the kite traction family (perhaps an odd cousin). Now Kite Skaters are sailing along with all other forms of wind powered vehicles at events around the globe.

In recent years, Kite Skaters have been joined by ATB skateboard riders. Kite Skateboarding daredevils use mountainboards to zip around on multi-terrain surfaces perhaps at lesser speeds than Kite Skaters, but kite skateboards have a greater ability for jump tricks.

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