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Slide show from the Spring Break Buggy Blast 2000.Spring Break Buggy Blast 2000.
The largest organized buggy races in North America is held on Ivanpah Dry Lake in the California desert. This years races went smooth and fast. Take a look at the event and the best buggy racers on the playa.

Slide show from the Buggy Boogie Sprang Thang 2001Sprang Thang 2001.
Corey Jensen's Buggy Thangs are always a blast. Great people and great fun make the Thang an enjoyable week in the desert. Take a look at this relaxed Springtime buggy regatta on El Mirage Dry Lake, Ca.

Slide show from the Spring Break Buggy Blast 2001.Spring Break Buggy Blast 2001.
Ivanpah was under water so we had to move to smaller Roach Lake. Also compromised by water and mud, there was not enough room on Roach for organized racing, so we spent the week sailing and getting rowdy.

Slide show from the Spring Break Buggy Blast 2003.Spring Break Buggy Blast 2003.
Outrageous winds blew across the playa all week forcing officials to cancel one race and test our nerves during the 50 mile Enduro. Nevertheless, the racing was top notch and the party was happening! This was the best SBBB yet.

Kite surfing slide show section.

Slide show from the Engadin Wind 2000 in Switzerland.Engadin Wind 2000.
The world cup kite surfing competition event held in Silvaplana, Switzerland. Leading kite surfers Elliot Leboe and Pete Cabrinha headed a long list of world class performers. This slide show covers the event and takes a quick look around the Swiss Alps.

Slide show from the Engadin Wind 2001 in Switzerland.Engadin Wind 2001.
Flash Austin entertained the crowd and took first place at this years world cup kite surfing event. This slide show contains 40+ images of kite surfers, competition, and Silvaplana.

Kite skiing slide show section.

Slide show from the European Kitesailing Championships in Switzerland 2001.European Kite Sailing Championships 2001.
The kite skiing and kite snowboarding championship event for western Europe on frozen Lake Silvaplana, Switzerland. 40 racers battle for the Euro title in sun and storm conditions. View the action and a quick look around town.

Slide show from the European Kitesailing Championships in Switzerland 2002.European Kite Sailing Championships 2002.
Less sun but more wind, this year's championships featured more races and freestyle events. Topping of the race list was the Stimorol Challenge (event sponsors)... drag racing with kites while strapped into Stimorol inflatable chairs.

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