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Doomwheels web site updates.Bob Childs at SBBB 2003.

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HOT! The Powerkite Forum has been completely remodeled and upgraded. It now is a full-featured forum with power kiting related categories and such functions as members email, instant messenger window, and interface appearance control all available from the user control panel. Let's build this new forum up as a major power kiting community resource!

Latest Movies...

*Mrs. Doomwheels! A new movie of the first documented woman riding off-road in-line kiteskates.

* Kite skating movie made at the Spring Buggy Boogie Thang 2001. Bob and Petra kick up the dust for an international television production with interviews. Huge file...31 megs. Find it in the Movies section.

* Original footage of a prototype 12 foot, bi-directional, retractable twin keeled surfboard designed for long distance kite surfing 1989. Doomwheels grins looking back at the awkward beginnings of kite surfing.

* Possibly the first ever television coverage of kite surfing in Hawaii. Kite surfing pioneer Troy Navarro takes to the waves with a stack of Flexifoils in 1989 to the surprise of local windsurfers.

* Historic footage of kite surfing (skiing) across Guaymas Bay, Mexico on water skis and Flexifoils 1988.

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